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'Grey Wolf'

2018 170 WB Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van

This is a brand new 2018 Sprinter 2500 with 1500 miles, built to seat and sleep 2 adults and 2 kids. We built the bed (removable 3 panel aluminium frame) with bike storage in mind, and ample kitchen and overhead storage. We added flares for sideways sleeping. The kitchen is incredible, with clever storage and trash drawers. There is a deep sink with hot and cold water, heated with a Webasto dual air and water heater. There is a hot and cold water shower out of the back to spray down bikes, dogs and kids. As we are not thrilled with the idea of propane under the van, we opted for an induction cook-top that you can plug into any outlet. The 2nd row 2 seater bench seat is perfect for the kids, and both front seat swivel around for socializing in the van and to accommodate the amazing Cabbunk double bunk kid sleeping system! Finally, we have a removable cassette RV toilet in a drawer that you can use inside or out. This is literally the perfect family van. 

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