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About Us

Meet Kimbo & Jason Schirato, and our little rager, Taylor Grace. We are a young family living in Aspen, Colorado, & fully subscribe to the ‘work hard, play harder’ lifestyle. When not exploring Aspen and its surrounds, we love nothing more than discovering the country on climbing road-trips to locales like Red Rocks, Joshua Tree & Bishop.

Our introduction to ‘Van Life’ came after we grew tired of the hassle of car camping. Our first van was a Chevy Explorer conversion, & it allowed us to keep all our gear in one place, hit the road on a Friday with nothing more than our weekend clothes & climbing or biking gear, & get as much time being weekend warriors as possible. We soon pined for the standing room & kitchen associated with a taller van, & set our sights on a Sprinter Van.


We then graduated to ‘Tootsie’ the Dodge Sprinter Van; a 2006 Sportsmobile conversion. After doing a lot of work to the interior, the van suited us perfectly until we needed to transport a baby safely. We sold Tootsie to a great family in Steamboat Springs with older kids.  

Our second sprinter, 'Blue', is a 144" 2016 4x4 Mercedes Sprinter, and she was our first from scratch build-out. We learned a lot in this process, and realized that we would love to help people get on the road in their own vans by helping bring their ideas to fruition. 

Our newest personal project is 'Grey Wolf', a 2018 170" Mercedes Benz Sprinter, pictured below. We built what we believe is the perfect family van; it seats four safely, sleeps two adults and two kids, and has space and storage for all the toys and gear you could need. It is also just a beautiful van conversion! 

We appreciate the value of pulling into camp, cracking a beer & taking in the view without having to spend hours setting up. Home really is where you park it & we look forward to discussing how we can help you.

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